Artist statement

I have been a professional tattoo artist for a number of years and have been feeling a compulsion to explore a new means of self-expression. By the first few strokes, I found that painting was the missing key that would free my creativity. This quickly grew into an insatiable desire to create exclusively with  and canvas. By juxtaposing notable historical and religious figures in my paintings, I am leaving the viewer with an uncomfortable image to pick apart individually. I find it fascinating to see the reaction and how it varies from person to person. The paintings typically evoke a feeling of shock and confusion.

The plastic appearance of my characters harkens back to the toys of my youth, which provided an escape and refuge in turbulent times. By using white stark highlights i am able to make the subject matter appear softer and less abrasive while giving it a truly creepy undertone. This artificial effect is also used to make people question the validity of the influence that the masses are force fed to idolize.

Although the subject matter of my paintings are ever changing the one recurring theme throughout them all are my tentacles. They represent the universal darkness that we all struggle with. The fight between good and evil. The tentacles are intended to express my past coming to get me. They are my constant struggle to move forward and not fall in the trappings of my demons.

Framing is an intricate part of my process. I put just as much work and thought into my framing as my painting. It brings me back to a more classic time when big ornate frames were used to complement and honor beautiful pieces of art. I carefully pick the accent colors and use my frames to help portray the emotion of its chosen piece of work. The painting and the frame work as partners evoking feeling.

Basically i get off on making people uncomfortable.